Important Travel Safety Tips

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Traveling abroad can be a life-changing experience. It is easy to get lost in the adventure, you don’t even need to be traveling internationally for bad luck to come your way.

It’s extremely important to always be prepared and stay safe, or the fun just might be over. Here are some helpful travel safety tips to help minimize the risks on your adventures.

  1. Get Travel Insured.

You always think you’ll never need it until you do. Haha…

You Should always keep one thing in mind, people get injured and things get lost or stolen all the time. It’s no joke, everyone needs to have some type of travel, health and property insurance for the all too real possibility that something could go wrong.


  1. Hide Some Backup Cash.

Hide some backup cash you never know when you’ll need it. If you’ve ever lost your wallet or backpack while spending the day away from your hotel, you’ll know why having backup cash available is extremely helpful and useful.

  1. Have Copies of important documents.

As a general rule, you should always keep travel documents like passports and insurance details safe. However, having backups of all your documents and important details could save your life. Always have someone you can trust with this information, just in case something were to happen.

  1. Don’t share too much with strangers. Found from flickr

Never make your travel itinerary too public, you never know who’s listening. I don’t recommend sharing too much about your travel plans with strangers, and always keep your hotel details safe. You don’t need to share personal details to have a great conversation.

  1. Don’t accept drinks from strangers.

    Found from flickr

While it is wise to stay sober, chances are, you’re going to have a few drinks at some point. Paying attention to your drink could keep you safe. Never accept any drinks from strangers, they could have bad intentions, these things do happen.

  1. Share your itinerary with family and friends. Found from flickr

Quick overnight trip or month-long adventure, it doesn’t matter. Always keep people informed of where you’re going and what the plan is. if you share your itinerary with friends and family back home, they can keep track of your location and safety.

  1. Pack a first aid kitFound from flickr

It really doesn’t matter how careful you are, people get hurt. That’s why it’s a great idea to have a first aid kit available for when those cuts and bruises come along.



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