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10 Things Every Man Needs

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A Book Collection

What does a book collection say about a man, ever wondered?

Well, reading a good book is a great workout for the mind, boosts intelligence, improves memory and is great when you just need to chill. Reading a few good books may also help you understand the world in a more adult and epithetical way.

A Leather Wallet

Just like clothes and shoes, wallets can have a massive impact on your wardrobe and needs to be an extension of your personality. A good quality Leather wallet is always the better choice. It will last longer and age gracefully depending on how it’s treated. A good quality leather wallet may be a bit more expensive but is always worth it in the end.

A Leather Belt

A man’s belt is a very important wardrobe accessory that is usually overlooked. Belt choice should be taken seriously. Every man should own at least two good quality belts, one dress belt and one casual, and always remember while wearing dress attire, you should be matching your belt with your shoes. A wider belt will go great with the wider belt loops on your jeans or chinos, you’ll find that a brown belt works well with most outfits, just keep it classy.

Good Quality Dress Shoes

You are often told to buy good quality shoes, get the best you can afford. Here are a few solid reasons to own good shoes.  Not only will it allow you to feel more confident but good shoes may have the power to influence other people’s first impression of you. Another great reason to do this, is that woman notice shoes because they are an indicator of how you’re paying attention to details, let’s pretend you’re going to an interview, you’re wearing a great outfit but you’re shoes are all scuffed up, they don’t match your outfit, this is a bad impression guy, now imagine having had good quality shoes in the same situation, the impression may be entirely different. Now what they’re instantly being told is, that this guy is serious, he pays attention to the details. This is a very important wardrobe choice that will always get noticed.

Iron and Ironing Board

When it comes to good first impressions a well-ironed shirt is a way to go. Don’t be the guy that forgot to pay attention this morning. Just don’t, every man should be able to iron their own clothes when the time comes.

Well Fitted Pair of Jeans

A good jean should never be saggy, you’re not grandpa friend…

Your jeans should fit comfortably and be the proper length, having a perfect pair of jeans that are too long can ruin your outfit. Never go to tight either that’s just weird man.

A Well Made Weekend Bag

As you eventually morph into the adult man you aim to be, you’ll start noticing the importance of always having the appropriate weekend bag, not only does this allow you to have a toothbrush and some face wash available when you need it, but also a change of clothes or any other essentials you may need, for the time spent away from home.

A good leather bag is nice to own while keeping up appearances, but any good quality travel Duffle bag will do.

A Passport

Every man needs a passport, traveling will broaden your horizon and such an experience may just open your eyes to the great big world out there, just waiting to be experienced. Gain new insights and explore the many different cultures our world has to offer.

A Good Quality Watch

A watch is not just a way for you to indicate that you need to leave the party. A good quality watch is essential to completing a good outfit. Guys some good advice is don’t get ripped off, you need to understand the true value of what you are buying if you plan on buying a new watch. A good quality watch is not hard to spot. Now, this doesn’t mean you should have the most expensive watch around, but once again guys, just keep it classy.

Own A Tent

There is nothing more fun than a camping trip with friends, or the people you love. Go camping, own a tent and spend some time outdoors.

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