5 Animal Symbols From Around The World

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The Lion

The king of beasts is the most popular national animal, having the loudest roar in the entire big cat family, the lions roar can be heard as far as 8 km (5 mi) and proves to be an unmissable sound in the wild.  This feline proudly represents Armenia, Belgium, Bulgaria, England, Ethiopia, Iran, Libya, Morocco and the Netherlands.

The Golden Eagle

The majestic Golden Eagle is the national animal of, Egypt, Iraq, Germany, Mexico and Albania, these birds of prey are extremely fast, and will dive after prey at speeds up to 240 km (150 mi) per hour, or even more.

The Arabian Oryx

This animal is perfectly suited for the tough desert environment, with a white coat that reflects the harsh sun’s rays and wide hooves adapted for walking on sand. It is no wonder Jordan, Qatar, Oman and the UAE all claimed the Arabian Oryx as their official animal.

The Kiwi

Proudly claimed as the National animal of New Zealand, the flightless Kiwi is a nocturnal animal, with its hair-like feathers and great sense of smell. despite being a small animal, the Kiwi and its four-toad feet can outrun a human with ease.

The Dugong

A close relative of the elephant, the Dugong is the National animal of Papua New Guinea, but looks muck more like its kin, the Manatee. This massive vegetarian is believed to be the inspiration for the mythical mermaid tales of old.


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