The Mysterious Blanket Octopus

The world underwater is probably much more mysterious than what it apparently seems to be. The diversity of marine animals found in the oceans is a matter of great curiosity for marine biologists and sea divers. While we know much about whales, dolphins, and penguins, the mystery surrounding octopuses arouses great interest to know more about these supremely intelligent sea creatures. Continue reading “The Mysterious Blanket Octopus”


Maned Wolf

With markings resembling a fox, this is not a fox nor is it a wolf, considered an endangered animal, the Maned Wolf gets its name from it appearance, long hair or mane on the back of its neck. Maned wolves can be found in a wide range of habitats across Brazil, Bolivia, Peru and Argentina. Continue reading “SOME STRANGE ANIMALS FROM AROUND THE WORLD”

5 Animal Symbols From Around The World

The Lion

The king of beasts is the most popular national animal, having the loudest roar in the entire big cat family, the lions roar can be heard as far as 8 km (5 mi) and proves to be an unmissable sound in the wild.  This feline proudly represents Armenia, Belgium, Bulgaria, England, Ethiopia, Iran, Libya, Morocco and Continue reading “5 Animal Symbols From Around The World”