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We’ve all wondered about making glasses from empty beer bottles, well wonder no more, this great DIY idea is all you need to get started

We love this awesome idea and the extraordinary look of these drinking glasses, and we all know that for this small project to be completed you’ll need to have a few beers.

What you’ll need : 

  • Empty beer bottles
  • Glass Cutter (Bottle Cutter)
  • Bottle cutter separation tie
  • Boiling water
  • Ice cold water
  • Sandpaper, 60grit
  • Sandpaper, 40grit

How to do it :

Step 1 : Give your bottles a light wash.

Step 2 : Cut a line around your bottle with the glass cutter, how this is done  is up to you just make sure its perfect

Step 3 : Heat the bottle with boiling water, followed by freezing cold water you’ll need two large enough buckets of water for this, the bottle halves should  separate  without issue.

Step 4 : Sand the edges of the glass until smooth and slightly rounded.

Step 5 : Have another cold one in your new glass.


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