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Garage Clean-Up, Where To Begin

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If you’re like me and wish the Man Cave could be an awesome extension to a well organized manly garage, where should you begin…


Will there be a bar, will there be space for a bike, will the floor be protected with rubberized floor-mats, will the tools be neatly sorted and stored in some cool looking storage rack with a spot for each and every tool you are able to find lying around, Well these are all questions you need to ask and have an answer to, but…

First things first, get some order, if your garage is a complete mess like mine, begin by sorting out the tools. Power tools, Hand tools and even garden equipment whatever you have lying about, get it all together.

PVC Pipe Garden Tool Storage

Found From homestoriesatoz

Power Tool Storage Tower

Found from kregjig

Hammer Storage

Found from decomg

now that we have a plan on where to begin its a good idea to know where your going here are some great looking Garage Hangout ideas.

Garage Hangout With Bar

Found from la-laborjobs

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