Railay Beach Thailand

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Whats Cool About Railay Beach

Railay is a small peninsula in South Thailand that is only accessible by boat due to massive limestone cliffs cutting off access from the mainland. these cliffs are a popular attraction for rock climbers from all over the world, but the area is much more popular for its incredibly beautiful beaches and the relaxing atmosphere and awesome bungalow resorts.

1. Go on the Four Islands Tour

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Your first stop along the way is to take a look at the incredible Chicken Island, also known as Kai Island, but it’s easy to see why Chicken Island fits so well.

2. Chill on Railay Beach

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This incredibly beautiful beach is surrounded by the signature limestone cliffs on both sides. It is advised to arrive early morning before 1:00 am would be fine during the high season (December – April) so you can enjoy the beach before the masses arrive.

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3. Do Some Awesome Rock Climbing

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Providing a paradise to rock climbers from all over the world, you would expect to need all sorts of skills and experience but fear not there are plenty of great beginner routes perfect for the novice climber.

4. Hike Up to the Railay Beach Viewpoint and the Lagoon

Railay Beach View Point

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Not a long hike less than a kilometer I think, hoist yourself up using nothing but rope and make your way to the viewpoint, have fun and be careful.

5. Visit A Local bar

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Planning on having some drinks with friends while there, the Last Bar Railay is certainly worth the visit. While there you can expect to see live music, a fire show, and even Muay Thai boxing.

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