Top Attractions in Greenland

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Found within the Kingdom of Denmark. Greenland has a population of fewer than 60,000 people and is the largest continental island on earth. Icebergs and glaciers are probably the most famous features of the environment. Colossal fantastic shapes of blue and white float on a sea of deepest azure.

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Visitors can expect majestic green mountains with beautiful wildflowers, breathtaking fjords, magnificent cliffs, hot springs, crystal clear skies, and clean air are all waiting to be discovered.Animal life can be found all over the place. Sea lions, seals, whales, polar bears and much more all waiting to be found.

Whale Watching

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Top of the list for many visitors is an up-close whale encounter.  Around June and July is the best time to enjoy a whale watching cruise among the icebergs, since most of the fjords normally melt away by May. Tours usually depart from towns such as Qeqertarsuaq, Nuukand Aasiaat and are offered by operators like Disko Line and Greenland Adventures.

Typical encounters are with humpback, minke, and fin whales, but occasionally also blue whales, killer whales, narwhals, beluga whales, sperm whales, and pilot whales. Patience is required but richly rewarded.

Uunartoq Hot Springs

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Hot springs can be found throughout Greenland but on the island of Uunartog, three naturally heated springs merge into a small pool leaving water conditions at the perfect temperature to immerse yourself surrounded by magnificent icebergs and stunning mountain peaks.

There are hundreds of incredible springs to be found all over Greenland waiting to be experienced.

The Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis

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Often referred to as the biggest light show on earth, the northern lights if at all possible, are not to be missed. If you are planning a trip to Greenland with the sole purpose to see the northern lights, it is advised to do so from December through February, when the nights are clearer than other times of the year. The northern lights can be seen across Greenland.

Viking Ruins

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At their peak, it’s estimated that something around 5,000 Norsemen lived throughout Greenland. There are several Viking ruins found in the region including the Hvalsey Fjord Church (oldest in Greenland – highly recommended) and Brattahlid near the town of Qassiarsuk just a short boat ride from Narsarsuaq international airport.

Tasiilaq – East Greenland

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Although it has only around 2,000 inhabitants, Tasiilaq is the largest town in East Greenland. It lies on the island of Ammassalik, about 100 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle. Set amidst breathtaking scenery on a fjord surrounded by soaring mountains and bisected by a small river, Tasiilaq should be high up on any visitor’s agenda. The Flower Valley behind the town is a popular place for tourists to go on a short or long hike.

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