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Ultimate Garden Fire Place

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How hard is it really, anyone can build a great looking garden fire pit without needing to know much about building or DIY skills.

I am currently considering building my own garden fireplace where people can come relax in the ambiance of the flames and have a generally good time, however with so many awesome looking ideas to choose from it is becoming increasingly difficult to decide which option would best fit in the backyard.

Like most other people I could imagine that nobody wants to see an average looking hole in the ground, filled with burning logs and flames, even though this is awesome too.

No, what we need is something awesome, that looks great, works well and will encourage anyone to join in the fun around the fire, a Boma takes you away from all the hustle of daily life, and has all the charm of the great outdoors.

Here are some awesome Boma designs and ideas I have found so far.

1. Backyard Concrete Boma

Found from gardenandhome

2. Fire Pit With Stone Path

Found from flickr

3. Circular Stone Fire Pit

Found from findfirepits

4. Stone Circle Fire Pit

Found from Pintrest

5. Even a Hammock, Awesome

Found from hometalk

I really think its worth a try and will definitely improve the mood after any hard day, especially while enjoying a cold one.

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